Akanni is a multitalented rapper, singer, musician, producer, composer, dancer, choreographer, DJ and dance teacher. Coming from a big artistic family full of musicians and dancers, Akanni has his roots in Oldschool-HipHop as rapper and b-boy from the Bronx, as well as other kinds of music and art.

Among the dance groups that he went on international tours with were for example M&M (1976), RPT Crew(1980), 3D-Crew (1983-84), Tron Brothers, L Brothers Crew(1984), The Floor Lords (1984-1986), Live Action Squad (1986-90), Full Circle (1995-96), and the HipHop Musical Jam on the Groove with GhettOriginal(1996). Jam on the Groove was an international success and was performed on a US Tour, in Israel, in Brazil and in many other places. Furthermore, Akanni went on a three year international tour through the US and Japan with Ringling Brothers Circus.

Musically, Akanni gathered experience as a member of D-Street (1978-74), Dynamite 2 (1983-86), Almighty Force (1983-86), The New Black Tarzzanz (1992-95) and CTBS (1996), and as a background singer for the funk group Slave in the Tramps Nightclub.

In the summer of 1996, Akanni went to Norway and organized the "Street Culture Festival" and other HipHop Events in Oslo where he also performed. After this, he went to Germany were he performed on various Jams with Cora E. and the Stieber Twins and went on tour with groups like Creme de la Creme, Cappuccino and Fresh Family; Blumentopf, Sens Unik and Cora E; the European Gladiators Mellowbag, Walkinę Large and Aphrodelics; Freundeskreis on the Esperanto Tour with Afrob, Deborah, Brook Russel, Mr. Gentleman, Joy, Walkinę Large; and Mellowbag and on the Bipolar Opposites Tour with Deichkind.

Next to his own music, Akanni has worked as a producer and composer with artists like Venus Malone and the Brothers Keepers Project.

He is currently hosting the Open Mic evening at Quasimodo, Berlin as well as the liveDEMO evenings all over Germany. In 2005, he and Heli opened their first location, the Sonix in Berlin.

In 1998, he and Dr.Chris founded Star Eye...