Star Eye, founded by MC "Akanni" Humphrey and DJ "Dr.Chris" in 1998, is a multitalented jazzyfunkysoulful HipHop Liveband with headquarters in Germany that takes their fans on a journey through the wide scale of possibilities of expression in HipHop and music.
In a typical Star Eye Show, limits are easily overcome when the DJ is rocking the mic or the MC is not only rhyming but also singing and playing the keyboard. After the laws of stage shows have been broken by two people already, Star Eye had to expand with new musical members like for example violonist Heli, to explore what else they are able to do.

Star Eye Quote:

"it is a blessing that people are finally discovering the advantage of live instruments and it is also a blessing for us that we were able to make this discovery four years ago. Now we are at the point that this early discovery can be heard in the music that we are making today ... in other words - we don`t stop until the roof`s on fire but we don`t need no water let the motherf***er burn."

These musical sources see it as their task to build the perfect live show that shows a very high skill level and takes the crowd on a "Spiritual Ride" to Planet "Soul Melodics." Since 1998, Star Eye have performed at various events, festivals and tours in the German speaking countries, for example Osterjam, OsterSinnJam, Back 2 Burn Tour, Star Eye Tour, Popkomm 2000, Battle of the Year in Switzerland, the HipHop Open 2001,the Africa Festival 2001 with artists like 4000, STF, DCS, MC Rene, Gentleman, Curse, Dynamite Deluxe, Pow Pow Movement, Killin Riddim Section, Hyroglyphics, Black Eyed Peas and De la Soul, Exibit, Raz Kaz... In June 2001, Star Eye went on the X-Patriots Tour together with the Aphrodelics and Sekou. Then, in the fall of 2001, Star Eye went on tour with Seeed on their Cool an' Deadly Tour and, every night, they brought venues with about 1000 hardcore reggae fans to a boiling point. On their last tour in the summer of 2002, Soul Melodics meets government music, they rocked the clubs together with Looptroop.

After contributions to various compilations, Star Eye released the Maxi Single "Hey You/Cheap Thrill" in July 2001 and then, on January 25th, 2002 Star Eye finally released the Album "Soul Melodics." Soon after, the EPs "I Produce My Track" "and Weight of the World" were released.

After the musical-productions Funkalicious Multiarts and Clap Ya Hands, Akanni is currently performing his solo-show Soul City Magic in Berlin.